A Star is Born ★★★★ Review by Sarah Knight Adamson

By October 4, 2018Backstage Pass

“A Star is Born” (R) is a drama with themes of romance and music by Warner Bros. Pictures

Bradley Cooper directs, he also has writing credit and costars as Jackson Maine a highly successful singer and guitar player with an addictive drinking and drug problem.

Lady Gaga stars as Ally, a working class girl with a strong voice and a knack for songwriting. Jackson sees her talent and urges her to take the spotlight.


Wow, what a great movie! Oscar worthy for sure!

I’ve seen the film twice now and loved it more the second time. During a Q&A with director Bradley Cooper, he told us that he had wanted to direct for a long time now and thought this story would be on one, it has love, family, fame and heartache.

You’ll get chills viewing the touching moments in this film and listening to the amazing soundtrack.

Oliver Platt with Bradley Cooper in Chicago, September 17, 2018, Photo Credit: Sarah Knight Adamson