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Lou Costello & Bud Abbott

The Abbott & Costello Show 4-17-47 starring Bud Abbott & Lou Costello.
The opening routine is about girls. Costello is going to play baseball with the New York Yankees. This leads to the famous, “Who’s On First” routine. Cast includes: John Brown, Elvia Allman, Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestera. Michael Roy (announcer) Spon. by Camels, Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco. NBC (Length: 29:17)

Howard Duff

The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective 9-19-48 “The Hot One-Hundred Grand Caper” starring Howard Duff.
A wealthy woman hires Spade to help her with her husband who is being blackmailed. Spade follows the husband to a casino where he loses $100,000 at the roulette wheel! Cast includes: Lurene Tuttle, June Havoc (billed as “Sadie Thompson”). Dick Joy (announcer) Spon. by Wildroot Cream-Oil. CBS. (Length: 29:31)

Vincent Price

Escape 3-17-50 “Three Skeleton Key” starring Vincent Price.
Men are trapped in a lighthouse on an island off the coast of French Guiana as blood-thirsty rats swarm the lighthouse targeting the men as dinner. Harry Bartell and Jeff Corey. Sustaining. CBS. (Length: 29:47)

Jim & Marian Jordan

Fibber McGee & Molly 9-12-39 “15th Wedding Anniversary” starring Jim and Marian Jordan.
It’s the McGee’s 15th wedding anniversary. They celebrate by eloping, and wind up in jail! Cast includes: Harold Peary, Isabel Randolph, Frank Nelson, Billy Mills and His Orchestra. Harlow Wilcox (announcer). Spon. by Johnson’s Wax. NBC. (Length: 29:48)

William Conrad

Gunsmoke 9-16-56 “Thick ‘n’ Thin” starring William Conrad.
Odie Perkins and Brace McCoy, two old codgers who have been friends for years, suddenly start feuding. Cast includes: Parley Baer, Howard McNear, Vic Perrin, Barney Phillips and Peggy Rea. Spon. by L & M Filters. George Walsh (announcer). CBS. (Length: 24:53)

Richard Widmark

Inner Sanctum Mysteries 10-2-45 “Shadow of Death” starring Richard Widmark.
Death seems to follow Howard everywhere he goes. Howard dreams…people die. Could Howard be a homicidal maniac? Cast includes: Santos Ortega, Luis Van Rooten with Paul McGrath as the host. Mary Bennett as the Lipton Spokeswoman. Spon. by Lipton Tea. CBS. (Length: 29:34)

Wyllis Cooper

Lights Out! 7-27-46 “The Battle of the Magicians” starring Everett Clark.
Mr. Saladin says that he can bring back the dead. Written by Lights Out creator, Wyllis Cooper. Cast includes: Tony Parish, Boris Aplon, Ernest Andrews and Nathan Davis. NBC. (Length: 29:54)

Eve Arden

Our Miss Brooks 7-3-55 “Deacon Jones, The Hillbilly Heifetz” starring Eve Arden.
Miss Brooks and her friends try to get summer jobs with “Deacon Jones and His Hillbilly Band.” Cast includes: Richard Crenna, Gale Gordon, Frank Nelson, Jane Morgan, Bob Rockwell, Gloria McMillan and Joseph Kearns. Spon. by Anacin. CBS. (Length: 28:45)

Cary Grant

Suspense 11-16-50 “On A Country Road” starring Cary Grant.
A young couple run out of gas on a lonely road and discover that an escaped madwoman armed with a meat clever is lurking nearby. Cast includes: Cathy Lewis, Jeanette Nolan, Larry Thor and Joseph Kearns. Harlow Wilcox announcer. Spon. by Auto-Lite. CBS. (Length: 29:38)

Les Damon

X Minus One 3-14-56 “The Tunnel Under the World” starring John Larkin.
The ultimate experiment in mind control. It’s June 15th today…and tomorrow…and tomorrow. Cast includes: Les Damon, Ginger Jones, Bob Hastings, Kermit Merdock and Stan Early. Fred Collins (announcer). Sustaining. NBC. (Length: 29:32)