Smallfoot (PG) ★★ Review by Sarah Knight Adamson

By October 14, 2018Backstage Pass

Too Many Sub-Plots for Kids 

Sadly, overly-stuffed “Smallfoot” invents modern fairy tale notions about Yeti’s, with mediocre animation, and songs without actually teaching anything of substance to kids.

Smallfoot is an animated children’s film by The Warner Animation Group, a division of Warner Bros. Starring the voices of: Channing Tatum, Common, Zendaya, LeBron James, James Corden and Danny DeVito.

On a mountaintop an isolated society of yetis or (Yeti commonly known as Bigfoot), follow commandments that are written in stone, until Migo voiced by Channing Tatum, challenges the rules when he finds a Smallfoot, commonly known as a human.

Percy is voiced by James Corden a fading T.V. Nature Show host is overjoyed to discover the Yeti’s.

This kids movie is way to confusing and jammed packed even for adults to follow. The songs are ok, but not great by any means.

The key messages in the film, thinking on your own and accepting other’s differences, are weakened due to the random changes in storylines and the multiple subplot lines.

Sarah Knight Adamson © October 12, 2018