November 29th, 2014

Hour 1:
Star Gazing: Lisa and Carl talk about the latest in showbiz and celebrity news.
OTR Comedy: The Life of Riley 1-21-45 “Phone Booth Nickles” starring William Bendix. Riley has gotten a handful of nickles from a pay phone. His conscience gives him a bad time, so he tells his story to radio’s “Judge Sludge’s Fair Deal Court.” Cast includes: John Brown, Paula Winslowe and Dink Trout. Ken Niles (ann). Spon. by The American Meat Institute. Blue Network of NBC.

Hour 2:
Game: Beat the Host. Lisa moderates as two H360 listeners win prizes and try to answer more multiple-choice trivia questions than Carl. Subject this week: Ben Stiller, born November 30th, 1965.
OTR Adventure: The Green Hornet 3-30-46 “Classified Ad” starring Robert Hall. Lewis Niles is selling fake diamond rings through the Sentinel’s classified ads. The Hornet helps the ex-G.I.’s who were cheated. Cast includes: Lee Allman, Gilbert Shea and Rollon Parker. Hal Neal (ann). Sustaining. ABC.

Hour 3:
Movie Reviews: National Movie Critic Sarah Adamson reviews two films that were recently released, “Dumb & Dumber To” and “Big Hero 6.”
OTR Holiday: The Cinnamon Bear 1937 Chapters 15, 16 and 17 starring Buddy Duncan as Paddy’ O’Cinnamon who helps Judy and Jimmy Barton find their lost Silver Star for the top of their Christmas Tree. Syndicated.

Hour 4:
Game: Is It Real or Is It Ridiculous? Showbiz Ashley Spencer reads short stories about showbiz and Carl and Lisa (and listeners at home) try to guess which stories are real and which are ridiculous.
OTR Mystery: The Sealed Book 3-18-45 “The Hands of Death” starring Phillip Clarke. The first show of the series. Wheelchair-bound Edward Morlock crosses paths with his brother, Cain, years after Edward has cheated Cain out of his inheritance. In the meantime, Cain has become a murderer… and Morlock has become a collector of murder weapons. Sustaining. Mutual.

Classic Radio Shows for 12/6/14 include:

THE CINNAMON BEAR Episodes 18-19-20