September 27th, 2014:

Hour 1:
Star Gazing: Lisa and Carl cover the latest in showbiz and celebrity news.
OTR Comedy: The Jack Benny Program 10-1-44 starring Jack Benny and all his gang with special guest, Fred Allen. First show of the season and the first show for new sponsor, Lucky Strike. Jack is summoned to the office of the president of Lucky Strike, the dreaded George Washington Hill, where he finds guest Fred Allen waiting for him! Cast includes: Eddie Anderson, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Bea Benaderet, Kenny Delmar, Joseph Kearns. Don Wilson (ann). Spon. by Lucky Strike (Cigarette commercials deleted). NBC-Red Network.

Hour 2:
Game: Beat the Host. Lisa moderates as two H360 listeners win prizes and try to answer more multiple-choice trivia questions than Carl. Subject this week: Jim Caviezel, born September 26th, 1968.
OTR Detective: Let George Do It 1-24-49 “Til Death Do Us Part” starring Bob Bailey. George Valentine investigates an heiress who has wed a ne’er-do-well ten years older than she is, and is possibly only interested in her money. Cast includes: Frances Robinson, Georgia Backus, Robert Dryden, Jack Kruschen, Lurene Tuttle, Harry Bartell and Victor Rodman. Bud Hiestand (ann). Spon. by Standard Oil, Chevron. Mutual.

Hour 3:
Movie Reviews: National movie critic Sarah Adamson reviews two films that recently released “The Drop” and “The Last of Robin Hood.”
OTR Drama: Night Beat 5-22-50 “I Wish You Were Dead” starring Frank Lovejoy. Randy Stone meets the meek Mr. Fettle in the park. This gentleman can kill just by thinking someone dead! Cast includes: William Johnstone, Joan Banks, Martha Wentworth, Parley Baer, Charles Seel and Stanley Farrar. Frank Martin (ann). Spon. by Wheaties. NBC.

Hour 4:
Is It Real or Is It Ridiculous? Lisa reads short showbiz stories and Carl and Mike Gastala will try to guess if the stories are real or if they are ridiculous.
OTR Mystery: Dark Fantasy 1-30-42 “Death Is a Savage Deity” is a tale of witchcraft and black magic. Tom Paxton (ann). Sustaining. NBC.

Classic Radio Shows for October 4th, 2014 include:

Duffy’s Tavern
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
Fort Laramie
Crime Classics