March 7th, 2015

Hour 1:
Star Gazing: Lisa and Carl cover the latest in showbiz and celebrity news.
OTR Comedy: The Adventures of Maisie 2-23-50 “Foot-in-Mouth Disease” starring Ann Sothern. Maisie tries to help her friend Eddie win a sales contest by offering kisses with each purchase. Cast includes: Frank Nelson, Bea Benaderet, Peter Leeds and Howard McNear. Jack McCoy (ann). Syndicated. MGM.

Hour 2:
Game: Beat the Host. Lisa moderates as two H360 listeners win prizes and try to answer more multiple-choice trivia questions than Carl. Subject this week: Rob Reiner, born March 6th, 1947.
OTR Police: The Line Up 2-8-51 “The Senile Sluggling Case” starring William Johnstone. Four street assaults have taken place, and the last one results in the death of an old woman. A stakeout in a bowling alley yields the perpetrator: Carl Young. Cast includes: Wally Maher, Hy Averback, Herb Butterfield, Howard McNear and Barton Yarborough. Dan Cubberly (ann). Sustaining. CBS.

Hour 3:
OTR Mystery: The Strange Dr. Weird 5-23-45 “Revenge from the Grave” starring Maurice Tarplin. “Renaldo the Great” returns from the grave each month when the moon is full, to kill those who had him executed. Spon. By Adam Hats. Mutual.
OTR Comedy/Drama: Four Star Playhouse 8-21-49 “The Incredible Anna Lee” starring Rosalind Russell. A zany comedy about a madcap Hollywood starlet and her publicity agent. Cast includes: Frank Lovejoy, Betty Moran and Ken Christy. Sustaining. NBC.

Hour 4:
Quiz: Stump the Host. Lisa quizzes Carl about classic radio and one H360 caller wins prizes.
OTR Mystery: Inner Sanctum Mysteries 9-4-45 “The Murder Prophet” starring Paul McGrath as our host. Who killed Claudia Dale’s first husband…and her second…and the man who loved her? Cast includes: Wendy Barrie. Mary Bennett appears as the Lipton Tea spokeswoman. Spon. By Lipton Tea & Soup. CBS.

Classic Radio Programming for 3/14/15 includes: