April 19th, 2014

Hour 1:
Star Gazing: Lisa and Carl cover the latest in showbiz and celebrity news.
OTR Comedy: The Fred Allen Show 3-6-49 starring Fred Allen and special guest, Henry Morgan. Allen’s Alley Question is: “Does the child with a high I.Q. turn out to be a genius in later life?” and Fred and Henry present the soap opera “Just Plain Fred.” Cast includes: Portland Hoffa, Parker Fennelly, Minerva Pious, John Brown, Earl Wilson and The DeMarco Sisters. Kenny Delmar (ann). Spon. by Tenderleaf Tea. NBC.

Hour 2:
Game: Beat the Host. Lisa moderates as two H360 listeners win prizes and try to answer more multiple-choice trivia questions than Carl. Subject this week: James Franco, born April 19th, 1978.
OTR Detective: Hercule Poirot 2-22-45 “The Case of the Careless Victim” starring Harold Huber. In this “First American Adventure” of Hercule Poirot, we hear an introduction by Agatha Christie herself. The Belgian detective, upon arriving in New York, and searching for a new apartment, solves two murders, one of them, of a policeman. Mutual.

Hour 3:
Movie Reviews: National movie critic Sarah Adamson reviews two films that recently released “Noah” and “Heaven Is For Real.”
OTR Drama: The Big Story 1-7-48 “Manhunt in Manhattan” starring William Quinn with Robert Sloane as narrator. The “big true story” of stickup man Joey Rice as told by reporter Ted Prager of the New York Daily News. Ernest Chappell & Cy Harrice (announcers). Spon. by Pall Mall (cigarette commercials deleted). NBC.

Hour 4:
Is It Real or Is It Ridiculous? Showbiz expert Christian James reads short showbiz stories and Carl and Lisa (and listeners at home) try to guess if the stories are real or if they are ridiculous.
OTR Mystery: Favorite Story 2-18-47 “Frankenstein” hosted by Ronald Colman. This is Fred Allen’s “favorite story.” Mary Shelley’s immortal tale of a scientist’s obsession to create a living man from several corpses. Sustaining. KFI, Los Angeles.

Classic Radio Shows for 4/26/14 include: