October 25th, 2014 – Happy Halloween!

Hour 1:
Star Gazing: Lisa and Carl cover the latest in showbiz and celebrity news.
OTR Comedy: Fibber McGee & Molly 10-24-39 “Halloween Party at Gildy’s House” starring Jim and Marian Jordan. Fibber decides to play a practical joke at Gildersleeve’s Halloween Party. Cast includes: Harold Peary, Donald Novis, Bill Thompson and Isabel Randolph. Harlow Wilcox (ann). Spon. by Johnson’s Wax. NBC.

Hour 2:
Game: Beat the Host. Lisa moderates as two H360 listeners win prizes and try to answer more multiple-choice trivia questions than Carl. Subject this week: Kevin Kline, born October 24th, 1947.
OTR Mystery: Suspense 6-23-49 “Ghost Hunt” starring Ralph Edwards. A disc jockey spends the night in a haunted house, recording the events so he can play them on his radio show the next day. Cast includes: Joseph Kearns. Paul Frees, Harlow Wilcox & William Johnstone (announcers). Spon. by Auto-Lite. CBS.

Hour 3:
Movie Reviews: National Movie Critic Sarah Adamson reviews two films that were recently released, “Gone Girl” and “The Skeletal Twins.”
OTR Mystery: The Mysterious Traveler 9-1-46 “No One On the Line” starring Maurice Tarplin. A man suspects that his wife is cheating on him, so he kills her lover. Cast includes: Ted Osborne, Mary Jane Higby, Jack Manning and James Van Dyke. Sustaining. Mutual.

Hour 4:
Game: Is It Real or Is It Ridiculous? Showbiz whiz Ashley Spencer, reads short stories about showbiz and Carl and Lisa (and listeners at home) try to guess which stories are real and which are ridiculous.
OTR Mystery: Inner Sanctum Mysteries 2-20-45 “No Coffin For the Dead” starring Raymond Edward Johnson (“Raymond” our host). Who killed Peter Frame? The assailant is identified as the insane son of Peter Frame’s housekeeper. However, the son has been shot while escaping from an asylum and is unable to walk. Cast includes: Les Tremayne, Santos Ortega, Luis Van Rooten and Alice Frost. Mary Bennett (Lipton Tea Lady). Spon. by Lipton Tea & Soup. CBS.

Classic Radio Shows for 11/1/14 include:

THE CINNAMON BEAR 1937 Chapters 1-2-3-4-5