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“Captain Marvel” (PG-13) ★★★½

By April 1, 2019June 7th, 2019Backstage Pass

Brie Larson stars as Captain Marvel. Photo Credit: ©Marvel Studios 2019

Click Here to Listen to Sarah Knight Adamson’s Review:

This is the 1st female super hero from (MCU) films and yes, it’s finally here with a terrific lead and an outstanding supporting cast.

With a setting of the 90s, Captain Marvel’s scenes with Samuel L. Jackson known as Fury will cause you to laugh-out-loud. Fury, plays his younger version before his eye accident.

The film is both entertaining and very messy at times, the plot is hard to follow and drags a bit in a few places, however this popcorn flick is hard to resist due to the theme of female empowerment!