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John Wick: Chapter Four (R) ★★★½

By April 2, 2023April 16th, 2023Backstage Pass

Keanu Reeves lifts the “John Wick” series to new heights! Most of the world has somewhat of an idea that Reeves is an unkillable assassin. Having viewed all of the John Wick movies since 2014, I’m happy to say the newest installment is my favorite so far. Wick continues his search to defeat The High Table and finally finds a way to earn his freedom. Director Chad Stahelski reunites with Reeves for all to see this widely popular action star. You’ll see Morocco’s desert, Tokyo’s neon lights, and Paris’s breathtaking sights. Let’s say I’ll never view Sacré-Cœur Basilica quite e same way after Wick is thrown from those iconic stairs leading up to the top repeatedly for almost 30 minutes.

With a run-time of nearly 3 hours, you’ll see Wick falling from back-breaking heights, especially stairs, as mentioned above, being tossed about by fast-moving vehicles and constantly pursued. All the while, he’s punching, kicking, stabbing, and shooting his way through all the armed assailants.

The script highlights his enemies’ backstories and current lives, which turns into a wild ride. Donnie Yen’s assassin Caine is called back into action, although yet he claims he’s retired although a threat has been put into action to his daughter with Marques as the culprit, his interactions with Wick are priceless.

Bill Skarsgård, as the Marquis de Gramont, is a new player and functions as the new sheriff, so to speak. His goal is to rid the world of John Wick forever. He also serves as the disgruntled voice of The High Table. He shows his ruthlessness and evil ways early on. Yes, in Chapter Four, it’s almost as if the entire world is against Wick, especially after the enormously high bounty is placed on his head. Although never fear, Wick is simply unkillable, which is fine with me as I’m hoping he’ll appear in Chapter 5.

The Bottom-Line? I’ve seen all the John Wick movies since 2014 and enjoyed this one the best! The script is more developed, as are the characters, Wick is perfect in this role, and I would love to see another film.

Sarah Knight Adamson© April 1, 2023