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Lessons in Chemistry Apple TV+ ★★★★

By November 5, 2023November 6th, 2023Backstage Pass

“Lesson in Chemistry,” the Apple + TV series, is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Bonnie Garmus. The series has eight episodes and is truly delightful. Brie Larson stars as chemist Elizabeth Zott in the 60s, who ends up hosting a popular TV show titled “Supper at Six.” Elizabeth’s chemistry partner, Lewis Pullman as Calvin Evans ends up being her live-in boyfriend. Together, they manage to lift each other up from life’s obstacles. Brie Larson is a standout in the show, look for an Emmy Award nomination in the future.

Season one starts with Elizabeth in college, working as a chemist on a major theory. The reclusive, brilliant Calvin Evans is her partner, and together, not only are they on the brink of a serious revolutionary discovery. Little did they know that spending so much time together would lead to their chemistry igniting as a couple.

Elizbeth is shown creating beautiful meals for Calvin, and he appreciates her efforts. Although their romance is suddenly over almost as quickly as it began—there are no spoilers as to why. Elizabeth is left with an uphill battle to continue her research and sort out her personal life. Even though the romance is the most exciting part of the story, Lessons in Chemistry doesn’t nose-dive when Calvin is out of the picture. New characters are introduced, and Calvin’s mysterious past is shown in heart-breaking detail. This is when the incredible actor Jeff Bridges is brought into the story. He’s a successful businessman looking to adopt a boy to call a son.

When Elizabeth is given the opportunity to have her own TV cooking show, she changes the narrative to discuss women’s issues, much to the disdain of her producer. The positive letters and messages she receives drive her onward, and soon, the show “Supper at Six” becomes one of women empowerment and a major TV network hit show.

The directors so far are the writing duo of Bert & Birdie and Sarah Adina Smith. I’ve screened all eight episodes and look forward to viewing each one. I will also say that I watched this series with my husband, and he enjoyed it as well. It should be noted that the series is not for kids or early teens. Here’s the schedule:

  • Episode 1: “Little Miss Hastings” (October 13)
  • Episode 2: “Her and Him” (October 13)
  • Episode 3: “Living Dead Things” (October 20)
  • Episode 4: “Primitive Instinct” (October 27)
  • Episode 5: “CH3OOH” (November 3)
  • Episode 6: “Poirot” (November 10)
  • Episode 7: “Book of Calvin” (November 17)
  • Episode 8: “Introduction to Chemistry” (November 24)

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