H360 March 12, 2022



Hollywood 360 03/12/2022 classic radio shows include:

THE SPIKE JONES SHOW 3/12/49 w/ guest, Gene Tierney
GUNSMOKE 11/21/52 Fingered w/ William Conrad
THE UNEXPECTED 10/24/48 Mirage w/ Barry Sullivan
THE FRED ALLEN SHOW 3/20/49 Mob Buster w/ Fred Allen and guest, Victor Moore
TO BE PERFECTLY FRANK 4/9/54 w/ Frank Sinatra
LIGHTS OUT! 2/23/43 The Met at Dorset w/ host, Arch Oboler
VIC & SADE 11/29/45 Uncle Fletcher’s Phone Calls w/ Art Van Harvey & Bernadine Flynn
PAT NOVAK, FOR HIRE 8/10/47 Jack Landsome – Burk Papers w/ Jack webb