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TIFF Preview “One Night in Miami” (★★★½) “The Broken Heart Gallery”(★★★)

By September 15, 2020Backstage Pass

Hi Carl, I’ve got some great news for you and our listeners!

The Toronto International Film Festival, 2020, has begun, and they are offering 50 movies that people can stream at home. And, if you live near Toronto, you can watch the movies in certain Theaters or Drive-ins. For more information and to purchase tickets, log on to

In the coming weeks, I’ll bring you an update on the movies I’ll be watching at TIFF.  Regina King’s new film, “One Night in Miami,” (★★★½) Is playing there now! It’s getting lots of Oscar Buzz! And so is she as it’s her first time directing a major film.

Here’s the plot: The setting is 1964, the night Cassius Clay, (Eli Goree) known to us as Muhamad Ali, had just beat Sony Liston for the Heavyweight Boxing Title; Clay meets that night with Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge) Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.) and Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir) in a guarded motel room. They discuss racism, and sadly, the same conversations are happening in 2020.

Here’s a movie I loved! “The Broken Heart’s Gallery” opens this weekend in theaters, it’s by Tri-Star pictures. A romantic comedy set in Brooklyn, NY. The stars are both Australian, Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan) is the artsy, creative girl, and Nick (Dacre Montgomery) plays the serious, kindhearted guy.

Nick and Lucy have a meet-cute start a platonic friendship. They begin to hang out together and find that they enjoy each other’s company. Nick’s renovating a tiny historic hotel, while Lucy helps him decorate. She convinces him to use the lobby as an art exhibition of donated heartbreak memorabilia; she has a few to add to the collection. The remainder of the film has surprising twists and turns, yet in the end, the film does tug at your heartstrings, anchored by natural and charming performances by both leads.

Thanks for listening in tonight and check out my article “15 Buzz-Worthy movies playing at the Toronto International Film Festival” on

See you next week!

Sarah Knight Adamson© September 13, 2020