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Yes Day (PG) ★★★

By March 21, 2021March 29th, 2021Backstage Pass

“Yes Day” is a family film starring Jennifer Garner, a mom of three kids, and Edgar Ramirez as their dad. Mom remembers her single days as carefree and risk-taking. Her attitude has changed after raising three children, as she’s constantly saying NO.

To break the cycle, Mom and dad decide to give their kids a ‘Yes Day’—for 24 hours, and the kids make all the rules. What could possibly go wrong?

Clip 1: 22 Have you heard about Yes Day? It’s this new thing where parents have to say yes to everything their kids want for 24 hours.
“Let’s do this “Arriba!”

The director is Miguel Arteta, who also brought us the movie “Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day.”

Clip 2: “Windows down! This is going to be awesome!” “Charge…You ok, daddy?”

The Bottom-line: I’m in 3 stars out of 4. If you’re looking for a crazy, fun-filled, over-the-top movie that your kids will enjoy, then I’d say this one is for you. I always enjoy Jennifer Garner’s performances, and she’s excellent in this one. Just one caution, the kids may pick up a few ideas they’d like to try at home! “Yes Day” is streaming now on Netflix.

Thanks so much for listening in tonight. This is Sarah Knight Adamson for Sarah’s Backstage Pass. Be sure to tune in next week as I’ve been attending the South By Southwest Film Festival and have lots of new movies to talk about, especially the new doc “Somewhere You Feel Free” about the making of Tom Petty’s new documentary named “Wildflower.”

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