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NEWSLETTER | VOL. 35, March 2024

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Hollywood 360 Newsletter, your place to get all the news on upcoming shows, schedule and interesting facts from your H360 team!

Carl’s Corner

by Carl Amari

Happy March everyone!  Here’s the Hollywood 360 newsletter, March 2024 / Vol. 35.  As someone on our mailing list, you’ll receive the most current newsletter via email on the first day of every month.  If you don’t receive it by the end of the first day of the month, check your spam folder as they often end up there.  If it is not in your regular email box or in your spam folder, contact me at and I’ll forward you a copy.  The monthly Hollywood 360 newsletter contains articles from my team and the full month’s detailed schedule of classic radio shows that will air on Hollywood 360.  The week of March 2nd, we’ll present episode 1 in the 15-episode run of The Stan Freberg Show.  We’ll air episode 2 in April and another one each month until we’ve aired all 15 episodes so don’t miss it.  Stan was a very close friend and I cherish the fun times we had together.  Here’s some info on Stan’s 15 episode CBS series and a picture of Stan and me in the studio from 1996.  



The Stan Freberg show ran on CBS radio for only 15 episodes in 1957. It starred comedian Stan Freberg and featured his stock company of performers: Daws Butler, June Foray and Peter Leeds. It also featured singing star Peggy Taylor, the vocal stylings of The Jud Conlon Rythmnaires and the musical direction of Billy May. Despite its short run, the show developed running gags and stock jokes that are still remembered today including Freberg’s ambivalence toward Madison Avenue to the overwhelmingly popular interviews with a sneaker-wearing Abominable Snowman. Much of the show took deadly satiric aim at the advertising business, making it difficult for CBS to find a sponsor. By week 13 it was apparent that a sponsor would not be signing on so CBS cancelled the show after just 15 episodes. The Stan Freberg Show was the last American network radio show to devote itself purely to comedy. Stan and I were great pals. I hired him to host my nostalgia radio show in 1995. We used to go to lunch at his favorite restaurant, La Scala, in Beverly Hills whenever I was in town. I’ll never forget all the great times we had together and all the stories he would tell me about the radio days. Stan, you are missed my friend!


By Carl Amari

We successfully saved the Bold Venture radio series because of YOU the Hollywood 360 listeners so THANK YOU! We are now attempting to save the Boston Blackie radio series (my personal favorite!).

I recently licensed this detective series from the estate of Frederic W. Ziv so If you would like to help us transfer all 218 Boston Blackie half-hour radio episodes (this is the complete syndicated series produced by Frederic W. Ziv and starring Dick Kollmar, including more than 100 lost episodes not heard in more than 70 years) please go to our Kickstarter website and pledge any amount. Depending on the amount you pledge, you can receive some or even ALL 218 Boston Blackie radio episodes in pristine sound quality on Audio CDs or via digital download. All of the information is available at our Kickstarter website. Simply search: “Boston Blackie” “Kickstarter” in your search engine or click here to be taken directly to the Boston Blackie Kickstarter website:

If you have trouble pledging on the Kickstarter website or would like to learn more by talking to a live operator, please call 815-900-7535.  If a live operator does not answer your call, please leave your name and return phone number and you will receive a call back asap. 

View Kickstarter

If you have trouble pledging on the Kickstarter website or would like to learn more by talking to a live operator, please call 815-900-7535.  If a live operator does not answer your call, please leave your name and return phone number and you will receive a call back asap. 



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It was written as I was looking at footage from a film I shot in Central Park, over a couple of years, back in the early ‘70s. I shot this film and somewhere down the line I edited it into some kind of a narrative, and as I watched the film I jotted down some ideas based on what I was seeing and had experienced. And it was really kind of that peace and love thing that happened in Central Park and in many parks all over the world, perhaps on a Saturday, where people just relax and enjoy each other’s presence, and the activities we observe and the feelings we get from feeling a part of a day like that. ~ Robert Lamm, Writer

Released in 1972 as part of Chicago’s fifth studio album, “Chicago V,” “Saturday in the Park” quickly became a chart-topping hit. Written by Robert Lamm, the band’s keyboardist and vocalist, the song reflects the vibrant energy of a sunny day in the park, complete with people playing games, enjoying music, and relishing the simple pleasures of life. Lamm’s lyrics and the band’s brass instrumentation create a vivid musical landscape that resonates with listeners to this day.

The film “The Parent Trap” (1998) starring Lindsay Lohan features “Saturday in the Park” in a scene where the characters enjoy a leisurely afternoon in Central Park. The film “The Great Outdoors” (1988) starring John Candy and Dan Aykroyd, uses “Saturday in the Park” to enhance the mood during a family vacation scene. On “The Simpsons” (Season 5, Episode 13 – “Homer and Apu,” 1994), the animated world of Springfield couldn’t resist the infectious charm of “Saturday in the Park.”


Jason Mraz has performed a live version of “Saturday in the Park,” showcasing his acoustic and soulful interpretation of the classic song.

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“Saturday in the Park” by Chicago remains a testament to the band’s ability to create music that transcends time and resonates with audiences across generations. Its inclusion in various TV shows and movies only adds to its legacy, showcasing the song’s universal appeal.

HOLLYWOOD 360 Broadcast Schedule for March 2024


ESCAPE 10/22/47 The Fall of the House of Usher

 THE NEW ADV. OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 4/18/48 The Case of the Very Best Butter

 THE STAN FREBERG SHOW 7/14/57 Incident at Los Varocis (1st episode)

FRONTIER GENTLEMAN 4/27/58 Random Notes

YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR 12/16/56 The Rasmussen Matter


THE ADV. OF SAM SPADE, DETECTIVE 6/20/48 The Death Bed Caper

THE BURNS & ALLEN SHOW 3/7/44 w/ guest, Alan Ladd

THE SIX-SHOOTER 11/15/53 Escape From Smoke Falls

THE FRED ALLEN SHOW 12/5/48 w/ guest, Henry Morgan

ACADEMY AWARD THEATER 7/3/46 The Maltese Falcon

 3/16/24 (St. Patrick’s Day)

HAVE GUN-WILL TRAVEL 4/24/60 Irish Luck

THE HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE 10/28/48 O’ Halloran’s Luck

 DUFFY’S TAVERN 10/5/51 Duffy May Sell the Tarvern

THE LIFE OF RILEY 3/2/51 Louella Moves in

THE NEW ADV. OF MICHAEL SHAYNE 6/27/48 The Case of the Crooked Wheel



BOSTON BLACKIE 7/2/46 The Uncle Frank Wilson Murder

 THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 1/31/43 Fire Engine Committee

SUSPENSE 6/20/46 Your Devoted Wife 


GUNSMOKE 11/21/53

3/30/24 (Easter and April Fool’s Day)

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 3/23/49 Molly’s Easter Dress Creation

 THE BURNS & ALLEN SHOW 4/3/47 Easter Hat War Counsel

LIFE WITH LUIGI 4/8/52 Easter Feast 

THE NEW ADV. OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 4/1/46 The April Fool’s Day Adventure

OUR MISS BROOKS 4/3/49 April Fool’s Party