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DRAGNET 3-15-53 The Big Impossible / THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 4-30-44 Engaged to Eve Goodwin / BIG TOWN 3-29-49 Chill of Death / X MINUS ONE 7-17-56 The Old Die Rich / THE BOB HOPE SHOW 3-25-53 w/ guest, Mickey Rooney / SARAH’S BACKSTAGE PASS Movie Reviews


HOLLYWOOD 360 is a 5-hour, nationally-syndicated radio show heard each week on great radio stations from coast-to-coast. Your host is Carl Amari, who has spent 40+ years as an award-winning TV, Radio and Film producer. Each week, Carl, and his co-host Lisa Wolf, bring you the showbiz extravaganza of trivia, showbiz news, fun games and classic radio shows including: The Shadow, Jack Benny, Dragnet, Suspense, Gunsmoke, Inner Sanctum, Fibber McGee & Molly, The Whistler, The Great Gildersleeve and hundreds more. Michael Gastala is the show’s Executive Producer, Sarah Adamson is the show’s National Movie Critic and Carl’s ‘crabby’ brother Vince is the show’s jack-of-all-trades. HOLLYWOOD 360 is also heard each week in 168 countries on American Forces Radio’s most popular channel, The Voice.

Sarah’s Backstage Pass

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (★★★)

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        "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" is Will Ferrell's latest comedy, and it's streaming now on Netflix. The movie follows two friends that have grown up together in a small village in Iceland—Lars, played by Will Ferrell and Sigrit, played by Racheal McAdams. Pierce…

Radioactive (PG-13) ★★★

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Hi Carl, Sarah Knight Adamson here, as a reminder I’ve been in the film critique business for over 14 years and a member of Critics Choice Awards in LA. My reviews and interviews can be found on Sarah’s Backstage Pass.Com. This week’s movie is Radioactive; it’s rated PG-13.  The film…

Greyhound ★★★½

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  This week’s movie is Greyhound streaming on AppleTV+. It’s rated (PG-13) by Sony Pictures. It’s a fast-paced World War II military film written by and starring Tom Hanks! The Greyhound is a US destroyer Naval ship, and Capt. Ernie Krause, played by Tom Hanks, is in command. The film…

My Spy ★★★

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"My Spy" is an action-comedy movie starring Dave Bautista known for his work in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies playing Drax. Here he plays CIA agent JJ, who is surveilling a 9-year-old (Sophie) played by Chloe Coleman and her mom, played by Parisa Fitz-Henley (Kate). The ever-precocious Sophie discovers…