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NEWSLETTER | VOL. 26, June 2023

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Hollywood 360 Newsletter, your place to get all the news on upcoming shows, schedule and interesting facts from your H360 team!

Carl’s Corner

by Carl Amari
Hello everyone and happy June! Here’s the Hollywood 360 newsletter, June 2023 / Vol. 26. As someone on our mailing list, you’ll receive the most current newsletter via email on the first day of every month. If you don’t receive it by the end of the first day of the month, check your spam folder as they often end up there. If it is not in your regular email box or in your spam folder, contact me at and I’ll forward you a copy. The monthly Hollywood 360 newsletter contains articles from my team and the full month’s detailed schedule of classic radio shows that we will be airing on Hollywood 360. Each month I’ll provide an article on one of the classic radio shows we’ll present on Hollywood 360. This month, we’re airing an episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar starring Bob Bailey the week of June 17th, so here’s an article on this amazing detective series. Enjoy!

THE RADIO DETECTIVE MATTER ‘Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar’ was a mainstay into the 1960s by Carl Amari and Martin Grams

America’s “fabulous freelance insurance investigator” was one of radio’s great sleuths, pursuing both stolen goods and villains with a vengeance. Johnny Dollar was hired by various insurance companies to apprehend poisoners and drug smugglers and recover gems from a heist.

Like other famous private eyes, Dollar had the crime all wrapped up before the cops were remotely aware that anything was amiss. His status as an insurance investigator gained him access to case files at police departments, and there were usually trips to exotic locales. Each story ended with Dollar dictating his report, every line accompanied by the relevant expenses, from aspirin and cab fairs to new suits. The program featured snappy scripts and was a cut above the average radio whodunit.

A number of talented actors, including tough-guy screen stars Edmond O’Brien and John Lund, played the lead; but none defined the personality of Johnny Dollar better than Bob Bailey. Bailey played Dollar during the high-water mark of the show, in the mid 1950s when it switched format from a 30-minute weekly offering to five-part 15-minute episodes broadcast daily.

In the early 1950s when other radio programs were transitioning to television, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar stuck to its radio roots. It managed to stay on the air until September 30, 1962 the date when CBS canceled it and another long-running radio favorite, Suspense. Sadly, the final two programs originating from the golden age of radio were now off the air.


by Lisa Wolf

Click here to watch on YouTube. 

“This song is basically my past, present, and future. It’s my love letter celebrating and thanking my husband for being a man that knows how to love me and our children without expecting anything in return. Also, this is a promise to my kids that I will never cease to love them, and be present in their lives always.” ~ Kelly Clarkson

“Piece by Piece” is the title song from Kelly Clarkson’s seventh-studio album, released November 9th, 2015. The song was written by Kelly along with Greg Kurstin, who produced the record. There is also an alternate rendition – the “Idol version” – from her 2016 American Idol performance.

Click here to watch on Youtube. 

Kelly Clarkson’s passionate performance of the song on American Idol finished with a standing ovation from the judges and audience. Kelly ultimately broke down in tears.

“I guess you don’t realize something is missing until you feel it. I can’t imagine walking away from my little girl. I can’t imagine not having that love anymore. I didn’t know it was missing because I never had it. It was a revelation and that’s why I wrote that song. I think a lot of people go through that.”

The black-and-white song video features emotional images of children and mothers. It ends with Kelly holding her own daughter, River Rose, who leans in to give her mom a kiss.



by Karl Schadow
It was unusual for programs of rival networks to be promoted in a print advertisement which was being bank-rolled solely by one of the competing web’s sponsors. However, that is exactly what transpired when the Signal Oil Company encouraged readers of the April 9, 1944 issue of Radio Life magazine to catch its thriller series – The Whistler – on Sunday afternoons. At that time, the program originated from station KNX in Hollywood which was owned and operated by CBS. The half-hour show aired at 4:30 pm Pacific Time and beamed via West Coast stations of the Columbia network. Executives at Signal Oil along with staff at its advertising agency Barton A. Stebbins were fully aware that the vast majority of Sunday 

listeners were tuning in Jack Benny at 4 pm and also Charlie McCarthy at 5 pm. Both were on NBC. Thus, they devised a simple plan to entice the potential intervening audience of these two blockbusters to turn their radio dials from KFI, the local NBC outlet, to KNX. 
Did the plan work? Perhaps, as The Whistler did garner a higher audience rating than that of theFitch Bandwagon, the competition on KFI-NBC at 4:30 pm. Another point to ponder is whether or not executives at KNX and CBS were amused by the mention of KFI in the ad? It appeared only that one time in the magazine.

Hollywood 360 Schedule

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ROCKY FORTUNE 1/12/54 Ride ‘em Cowboy
BLONDIE 11/6/39 Uncle Gideon and Aunt Bessie
THE STORY OF DR. KILDARE 4/26/50 Warren Jackson
FORT LARAMIE 2/5/56 Squaw Man
SUSPENSE 7/12/55 Kaleidoscope

THE LIFE OF RILEY 6/19/48 Father’s Day
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR 11/11/56 The Big Scoop Matter
ACADEMY AWARD 10/2/46 My Man Godfrey
HAVE GUN-WILL TRAVEL 7/12/59 Young Gun
INNER SANCTUM MYSTERY 8/24/52 No Rest for the Dead

MY FAVORITE HUSBAND 9/30/49 Woman’s Club Election
THE SHADOW 6/26/38 The Old People
HOPALONG CASSIDY 3/29/49 Hoppy and the Iron Horse
MR. CHAMELEON 10/13/48 The Case of Murder and the House of Whispers
THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 11/7/51 Bronco and Marjorie Want to Build a House



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